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Posts Tagged ‘Gaming Servers’ Soon to launch its Counter-Strike Source CSS Gaming Servers – Tampa, FL

Thursday, November 15th, 2007 – Tampa FL – today announced they will soon be launching their extreme gaming website community before Nov 30, 2007. The company will position itself in the highly anticipated amateur league tournament arena.

The Counter Strike Source servers will allow amateur league players to enroll and play their favorite Counter Strike Source game, to compete against friends, colleagues and peers. They will also be able to win Cash Prizes during tournaments.

During non-tournament days, players can play for FREE!

The games will be running on dust 2 counter strike source servers.


Who needs counter strike server finders? when all you need is right here at! 

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The website would be totally self-sufficient to download the Counter Strike Source demo from the Steam download servers.

It is anticipated that the first tournament will commence within the next 3 weeks. Due to the December / January holiday season in the USA, slots could become very scarce as the gamers flock to win cash prizes. So gamers make sure you have reserved your slot!

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